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Getting Started with Account Tracker for Mac

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atmac-64x64Account Tracker for Mac is not a standalone Mac app. It needs access to your data on iOS, and for that you need to be running Account Tracker PRO (for iOS), or the basic version of Account Tracker (iOS) if you previously bought the Personal Sync upgrade.

If you have not enabled iCloud syncing on iOS, make sure you turn on iCloud in the settings and then enable Syncing (just below it). An iOS device must be your PRIMARY sync device, clearly the one with your most up-to-date data.

Note that Dropbox or Family sync is not yet supported.

On the Mac …

Go to System Preferences then iCloud. Make sure you are logged in to the same account as on iOS, and that iCloud Drive is enabled. Under Options ensure that Account Tracker is there and enabled too.

Now run the app, and select Enable Syncing at the first prompt.  If you see a popup that says Step 2/5, your PRIMARY device is not yet visible to your Mac. This can sometimes take a minute or two (select retry periodically).

When you see the Step 3/5 popup, your PRIMARY is visible and your Mac has made itself known to iCloud.

Back on your PRIMARY (iOS) device …

Make sure Account Tracker (PRO) is running in the foreground (don’t let the screen go to sleep as that effectively closes the app too!). Eventually (after a minute or so) you will see the step 4/5 popup. You Mac has been seen and you can start the initial sync.

Back on your Mac …

Eventually (after a minute or so) the previous (step 3/5) popup is automatically dismissed and you will see step 5/5 where the initial sync has completed. You can then select OK to continue.

At this stage the Mac is set up and you will be prompted for your PIN (if enabled) or your data.

I recommend closing the app at this stage (Command-Q) as this causes the app to make an initial backup (behind the scenes).

Re-launch the app and you will simply be presented with the PIN entry screen (if enabled) or your data.

Stuck on Step 2/5?

Please check out the following …

1. On iOS, in the main settings app under iCloud, make a note of the account you are signed in to.
2. Check that iCloud Drive is ON and that Accounts or Accounts Pro is listed and enabled.
3. Under storage then manage storage then my app, check that your backup files and sync file(s) are listed. Make a note of the total storage used.
4. On your Mac, under System Preferences then iCloud, check you are using the same account as in 1.
5. Check that iCloud Drive is ON, and under Options that Account Tracker is listed and enabled.
6. Under Manage, click on my app and check that the total storage used is the same as in 3.

If all of these are ok, please get in touch.

Stuck on Step 3/5?

Your Mac can see your iOS device(s), but it is waiting for the initial sync. To start this, run Account Tracker (PRO) on iOS and wait for it to see your Mac (this is step 4/5). Don’t let your device go to sleep while waiting!

If step 4 never happens (or if it does but the step 3/5 popup never disappears), I suggest you cancel the Mac popup and close the app. Then disable syncing and iCloud (in my app, not in the settings app!) on all iOS devices and set up your primary device again (re-enable iCloud and turn on syncing).

If this doesn’t fix your issue, please get in touch.

User Guide …

The app itself should be fairly intuitive to use, however please do take the time to read the Help text (from the Help menu at the top of the screen). This is also repeated here.

Account Tracker for Mac now available

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atmac-64x64I am pleased to announced the general availability of Account Tracker for Mac (version 5.2.2).

It supports two-way syncing with your iOS app (initially over iCloud), letting you view, edit and manage your data on the bigger screen of your Mac. You can also add and bulk edit transactions and easily reconcile your accounts. Changes are automatically synced back to your iOS devices on close.

Note that this is NOT a standalone Mac app!  It doesn’t really do anything unless you have Account Tracker PRO (for iOS) acting as a PRIMARY (sync) device. The basic version of Account Tracker (iOS) will also work, but only if you previously bought the Personal Sync upgrade.

Before upgrading and setting it up (see my next post), I recommend making a new backup on iOS and exporting that off your device, e.g. by using iCloud (*), Dropbox or simply emailing it to yourself.

* if using automatic syncing in Account Tracker PRO, note that only your most recent backups are saved to iCloud. Better to email yourself a copy instead, so you always have a copy of your data before you started syncing to/from the Mac.