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Account Tracker (iOS) 5.4.1 now available

July 24, 2017 Comments off

help This update fixes a bug introduced in version 5.4, specifically the hang/crash at startup affecting a very small number of users.

I have also made improvements to searching for those users with very large numbers of transactions (Account Tracker PRO only).

Apologies if you hit either of these over the past few days.

Account Tracker (iOS) 5.4 now available

July 18, 2017 Comments off

help This update adds a few new features to Account Tracker PRO, plus some general improvements to both apps.

Enhanced transaction searching, giving the sum (total), transaction count and average transaction value with each key tap (PRO version only).
Added an account balance (PDF) report (PRO version only).
Added a new (advanced) setting to use dark keyboards (PRO version only).

Faster (single tap) date entry.
Fixed some issues with the way onscreen keyboards are displayed.
Added additional checks and reminders about doing backups.

Finally, added an upgrades section to the bottom of the Settings screen, giving you a few options to get more out of your data.