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Account Tracker (iOS) 5.6.3 now available

April 23, 2018 Comments off

help This update mainly focuses on exporting your data.

Made exporting CSV and PDF files much more generic, letting you use AirDrop or a choice of other apps (rather than just exporting by email).

Added support for exporting your currently selected budgets as a PDF file (PRO version only).

When searching, if you are viewing transactions in ascending order (oldest first), the results will be scrolled to the most recent (i.e. the bottom). Note that you can scroll to the top of any table view in iOS by tapping the status bar at the top of the screen.

When choosing an account for a new (or existing) transaction, the app now shows your account balances to make it easier to identify the account you want.

Minor UI improvements.


5.6.1 was released on 25th April to fix a Face ID bug on the iPhone X.

5.6.2 was released on 30th April to fix an issue with exporting backups using Apple’s mail app.

5.6.3 was released on 4th June to fix an intermittent exchange rate issue.w

Meter Readings 5.3 now available

April 4, 2018 Comments off

mricon57 Configuring your meters and rates is now done from the settings (gears) icon. The old meters button lets you fast forward to any given meter (as before).

Auto-backups now keeps up to 5 recent backups (previously 3).

Other minor UI changes.