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Account Tracker 5.7 (iOS and Mac) now available

December 30, 2018 Comments off

help Added support for the iPhone XS Max and the new (2018) iPad Pros.

Major rewrite of the way alerts, action sheets, popover views and rotations are handled throughout the app.

Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Note that you now require iOS 9 or above. Older versions (of iOS and the app) should continue to work, but you will no longer get updates.

On the Mac, I now support dark mode when running on macOS Mojave.


5.7.1 (Mac only) was released on 2nd January to fix a crash on Sierra/High Sierra.

5.7.2 (Mac only) was released on 6th January to fix some text field colour issues on Sierra/High Sierra.

5.7.1 (iOS only) was released on 8th January to fix a rare crash on iPads while rotating, opening or closing the app.