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Meter Readings 6.0 now available

January 25, 2020 Comments off

mricon57 Marketing and AppStore changes only.

Apple now require developers to submit a new version of an app just to change the text on the AppStore!


6.0.1 was released on 21st February to remove the price comparison feature, hopefully temporarily. Following their takeover by Go Compare, Energylinx are no longer supporting smaller switching sites (like mine), citing a change in business focus. This feature had been there in my app for almost 10 years, helping 100s of users switch suppliers, many repeatedly.

6.0.2 was released on 15th April to make some internal changes to meet Apple’s new AppStore requirements (specifically to do with the launch screen and help text).

6.0.3 was released on 3rd June to adjust when the app switches from bar charts to line graphs, and to improve the extrapolation calculation for the most recent quarter.

Account Tracker Pro 6.0 now available (iOS and Mac)

January 25, 2020 Comments off

atp57 Added an import wizard to make it easier to import arbitrary CSV files. See the user guide section on importing for more details.

Basically if the CSV format is not recognised, the app tries to find transactions based on a date column, then lets you assign the other columns to fields (or skip them). It has been tested with quite a few CSV file formats, but if it doesn’t work for you, please contact support. Chances are it just needs a new date format defined. I can do that independent of the app.

Note the Mac version has had a version bump too (to 6.0), although no changes have been made there (Apple now require developers to submit a new version of an app just to change the text on the AppStore!).


6.0.1 (iOS only) was released on 16th April to fix a crash in the import wizard if the last column had no value on any row. Also if the last column had no value in the first row, you couldn’t assign it.

6.0.2 (iOS only) was released on 1st May to fix a crash when making a new manual backup.

Account Tracker Pro – importing CSV files

January 2, 2020 Comments off

atp57 I am adding an import wizard, to make it a lot easier to import arbitrary CSV files. It still needs a recognised date per transaction, but you can then assign columns to any field.

If you regularly import CSV files from your bank and would like to try this out to give me feedback, I would be happy to add you to my Test Flight beta testers list. Just drop me an email from the contact page.

Alternatively, please send any sample CSV files you might have. Feel free to cut them down to just a few transactions, and you can change the amounts to 0 if you want to keep things private. It is the format more than the data I am interested in.