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Hill Lists 6.6 now available

June 19, 2020 Comments off

hlicon57 The lists view now shows completed lists separately, to make tracking multiple rounds easier.

The dashboard view now supports swipe actions, to show maps per month or year and to quickly add a new ascent of your most climbed hills. Simply swipe right to left on a month, year or hill.

Upgraded to the latest Dropbox framework.

Meter Readings 6.1 now available

June 14, 2020 Comments off

mricon57 Added a new meter type, specifically for things where your readings don’t accumulate (e.g. temperature, height or weight).

Set the meter direction to average, and on the graphs the number of readings in a given period are averaged (rather than added).

Upgraded to the latest Dropbox framework.


6.1.1 was released on 15th July to add support for reminders on the last day of the month.

6.1.2 was released on 8th February 2021 to make some backup improvements.