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Account Tracker Pro 6.1 now available (iOS and Mac)

July 12, 2020 Comments off

atp57 Improved and added colour coding to the lists of transactions (iOS only).

Moved all the copy and move transaction options to the blue accessory buttons rather than having some on the swipe buttons (Pro version only).

Added support for doughnut charts (as an alternative to pie charts). These can be enabled in the advanced settings (Pro and Mac versions only).

Added support for syncing selected settings (including account and group order) from your primary device on iOS (Mac version only).

Upgraded to the latest Dropbox framework.


6.1.1 (iOS only) was released on 15th July to tweak the transaction colours: blue is the most recent (as before), grey is reconciled (new) and everything else is red. While reconciling (i.e. in reconcile mode), future transactions are also greyed, leaving just those to be reconciled as red.

Also added an advanced setting to grey out the transaction details if reconciled. If you are still using the old (basic) app, v5.9.6 was released on 21st July with the same change.

6.1.2 (iOS only) was released on 4th August with a few bug fixes.

6.1.3 (iOS only) was released on 5th August to fix a scrolling issue.