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Hill Lists 6.7 now available

September 11, 2020 Comments off

hlicon57 Added two new lists for their historical perspective: deleted Munro Tops and deleted Donald Tops.

Added a map view to show the location of an individual hill (when viewing any group of hills, or for each of your most climbed hills on the dashboard). Simply swipe right to left on a hill.

The location view now distinguishes unclimbed hills in your tracked lists (red) from other unclimbed hills (grey).

Added a map scale when using Apple maps (not yet supported on Google maps).

Added a new sort option showing year to date progress (vs the previous year). To make this more useable you can quickly re-sort your tracked lists by tapping the lists icon (bottom left) a second time.

Improvements to the underlying database, to reduce memory usage and speed a few things up.


6.7.1 was released on 17th September to fix a bug to do with the New Donalds list.