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Hill Lists shortlisted for TGO Reader Awards 2020

October 24, 2020 Comments off

I am delighted that my Hill Lists app has been shortlisted for The Great Outdoors Reader Awards 2020, in the category Walkers’ app of the year! Lots of great apps though, like OS Maps, Strava and ViewRanger. Just being nominated is a win for me!

Account Tracker Pro – iCloud Drive beta testing

October 23, 2020 Comments off

Now that dark mode is fully supported, I am taking another look at syncing over iCloud. As many of you know, this has been problematic over the years. The issues are most definitely iCloud and not my app, as I have seen files written by my app taking hours to be copied to other devices. This is Apple’s responsibility and there is little I can do to speed things up. Another data point is my exact same code works perfectly when using Dropbox as a cloud service provider (where I control the copying).

A few years ago Apple introduced iCloud Drive. This is really a service on top of iCloud where they make files and folders more visible.  I have added an option to use iCloud Drive instead of the underlying iCloud (Documents and Data), and it looks like this is working well (and much faster too).

I am now looking for beta testers to give it a try. Ideally users who want to sync between multiple iOS devices (but not the Mac). Beta testing is fully supported by Apple using their Test Flight app.

If interested, please send me an email.

Account Tracker Pro 6.3 now available

October 19, 2020 Comments off

atp57 Added support for dark mode, plus a system option to automatically change between light and dark according to your device setting (Pro version only, requires iOS 13 or above).

When searching across all accounts, if the text matches transactions in multiple currencies, sum using the default currency (Pro version only).

Minor improvements to PDF generation and notes editing.

Bug fixes.

Dark mode coming to Account Tracker Pro (iOS)

October 17, 2020 Comments off

Dark mode appeared on the Mac in 2018 but it was only introduced to the iPhone and iPad in iOS 13 (late last year). I now fully support it in version 6.3 of Account Tracker Pro.

It has been a lot of work to do, as there were over 400 places in my app where I set colours! In addition to my current three themes, you can choose to run dark mode all the time, or use the system settings, switching between light and dark based on a daily schedule.

Here are some sample screenshots …

Hill Lists 6.8 now available

October 14, 2020 Comments off

Updated the underlying Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH) to version 17. Minor changes to the Marilyns, HuMPS, Simms, Dodds, Nuttalls, Deweys, County Tops, Synges and Hewitts. Note the Munro Top Beinn a’ Chroin West Top has been deleted, following confirmation by the SMC.

Also in version 17 the Dodds have been extended to Ireland, bringing them into alignment with the Marilyns, Humps and Simms. The list replaces the Myrddyn Deweys.

When searching for hills, I now match on ascent notes too. This lets you search for all hills climbed with a person, assuming they are mentioned in the log. Clearly if they are called Ben, you might get a few more matches than expected, perhaps use @Ben or #Ben in the logs!

When adding multiple hills on the same day, I now retain the order they were logged. This has always been the case with hills logged on the day, just not earlier days.

Bug fixes.