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Account Tracker Pro 6.5 now available

January 4, 2021 Comments off

atp57 Added support for 1st July and 1st October year starts. The app now handles most of the world’s tax years.

Changes to transaction colours. I now use grey for reconciled transactions, red for unreconciled transactions (up to today) and blue for future transactions. While this loses the “blue for today” when grouped by month, I think it is now better (because you can see what is reconciled or needing to be reconciled more easily).

Following feedback, the grey for reconciled setting now covers the amount too. As a result, reconciled transaction amounts will not be coloured red or green.

Improvements when right scrolling transactions, especially for accounts with very few transactions.

Minor changes to the calendar date picker on the iPad.

Bug fixes.


6.5.1 was released on 12th January to fix a bug that prevented transaction scrolling beyond 2 years into the future.

6.5.2 was released on 19th January to fix a bug that could cause recent changes to be lost when dealing with very large numbers of transactions (15-30k or more).

6.5.3 was released on 1st April to fix some minor bugs.

6.5.4 was released on 5th April to change some AppStore text (only).