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Meter Readings 6.2 now available

April 26, 2021 Comments off

mricon57 Added support for the iPhone 12.

Changed the bar charts to better handle negative values.

Improved the predicted next bill date for 1, 2 and 3 month billing periods.

Fixed a rotation bug (iPhone only).


6.2.1 was released on 29th November 2021 with minor changes, mainly for iOS 15 compatibility. Note that the app now requires iOS 11.0 or above.

6.2.2 was released on 5th January 2022, adding the latest readings (for all meter types) to the meters screen.

Account Tracker versions

April 2, 2021 Comments off

help Account Tracker was launched as a paid app back in 2009, it has always had the black icon with coloured bars.

Account Tracker Pro was launched in 2016, initially to add Apple Watch support. It has a blue/grey icon with white bars. Almost all new development since 2016 has been added to my Pro version (only).

When I stopped supporting version 5 of the original app (2020), I had planned to remove it from the AppStore. Instead I have kept it, adding a one-off in-app purchase to unlock all the version 6 (Pro) features, everything except Apple Watch.

For new users (i.e. those downloading since version 6.5.3), the upgrade is not needed. Instead Account Tracker is now a free app that requires a subscription, either quarterly or yearly. When you sign up, the first month is free to give you the chance to try the app before being charged. You can manage or cancel your subscription at any time by going to your account settings on the AppStore.

If you would prefer a subscription-free alternative, Account Tracker Pro will continue to be available. Both Account Tracker and Account Tracker Pro will be updated in lock step, and they will both work with my Mac version (now named Account Tracker XL since Apple no longer allow apps of the same name, even across platforms).

I am hoping a subscription with a 1 month free trial, plus a subscription-free alternative, might attract more users. Time will tell!