The budgets screen can show you how your spending and income are tracking against the budgets you set.

On the main panorama an overall summary of spending and income is shown across all accounts, and tapping on more budgets gives a more detailed view.

Budgets can be set and viewed for different periods (daily, weekly, biweekly/fortnightly, monthly, yearly or your own custom dates) by selecting the date row. For custom dates, set the start and end dates, then for budgets set an annual equivalent to be pro-rated across the dates you choose.

Budgets can be tracked per account, per account group or across all accounts.

The rest of this screen is split into three sections: Overview, Spending and Income. You can use the “overview” rows to set overall budgets. To set or remove individual per-category budgets, tap and hold the category rows.

Once budgets are set, you will see your spending or income as a horizontal coloured bar. For spending, green is what you have spent or transferred and the grey background shows the rest of your budget for that period. Red shows an overspend. For income, green shows what you have received and the grey background shows the rest of your income target for that period. Blue shows income in excess of the budget.

When viewing the current date, a small white square shows how far you are through the budget period.

To change dates, use the left and right arrows.

Selecting the actual row of a budget entry will show all the transactions that make up that budget.