Once you start adding transactions and assigning them to categories, the reports screen can show your balance, cashflow, spending, income and transfers.

On the main panorama an overall summary of cash flow and spending is shown across all accounts, and tapping on more reports gives a more detailed view.

Reports can be viewed for different periods (daily, weekly, biweekly/fortnightly, monthly, yearly or your own custom dates) by selecting the date row. For custom dates, set the start and end dates.

Reports can be viewed per account, per account group or across all accounts.

The summary report shows your overall spending, income and transfers, as well as a breakdown of each per category or by transaction details.

To change dates, use the left and right arrows.

Selecting a row will show all the transactions that make up that part of the report.

The next report shows a running balance, as well as starting and ending balances, the increase or decrease in balance, and the maximum and minimum balances. The dotted line shows the average balance, and the solid red line is 0. Weekends or months are highlighted with vertical bars.

The next report is a bar chart showing cash flow, with breakdowns of incoming, outgoing and the increase or decrease.

The next five reports show breakdowns of spending and income by category and payee/payer details, and transfers by category, all as pie charts.