The settings screen is split into nine sections: Alerts, Appearance, Backups, “Budgets and Reports”, Categories, Currency, Details, Security and Transactions.

You can set the advance notification period for account alerts and reminder transactions, including the number of days in advance and the time.

Debits (or negative numbers) can be displayed in red or in (). Account names for transfers can be enclosed in [] to make them easier to recognise.

Backups can be used to protect your data – see here for details.

For monthly budgets and reports, you can select the month start date (1st through the 28th). For weekly or biweekly/fortnightly budgets and reports, you can also select the week start date (Monday through Sunday). The default reporting period is the one used on the main panorama.

Categories lets you quickly edit category names across all transactions.

Currency lets you override the default currency used across your accounts. Also the number of decimal digits to display can be changed from the default.

Details lets you quickly edit payee/payer details across all transactions.

For security you can set a PIN to prevent unauthorised access.

Finally there are a number of options to do with the way transactions are handled. Reconciling can be by date or by transaction. Transactions can be displayed in ascending or descending date order. The default look ahead period can be set to off (i.e. don’t look forward in time at all) or from 1 to 24 months.