IMG_4194 The accounts screen shows a summary of all of your accounts, their current balances, the total balance for each account group and your overall balance.

To add a new account, select the + button at the top right (you might have to select Edit first – see below). Give the account a short name, set its currency, opening balance and alert limit and add any notes. You can enable cheque/check numbers for this account and choose whether it should be hidden or excluded from the budgets, reports and totals. To save, select the Save button.

To add, remove or re-order your accounts or to move them between groups, select the Edit button. To remove an account, select the red minus (-) button next to the left of its name and confirm with the Delete button. To re-order your accounts or to move them between groups, tap and hold the “three horizontal bars” icon to the right of each account row and drag them into position. To stop editing select the Done button.

While editing you might have noticed the three transaction views at the bottom. These can be disabled or enabled by tapping the red minus (-) or green plus (+) buttons respectively. The All view shows all transactions up to the end of next month (useful for searching across all accounts), Recurring shows all recurring series based on their repeat intervals, and Reminders shows all (unreconciled) transactions with the reminder switch set.

If you have set any accounts to be hidden, the + button at the top right is replaced with a Show/Hide button. To add a new account, select Edit first.

The left arrow scrolls to the beginning of the account list and the right arrow to the end.

To change the balances shown, tap on the actual balance at the top of the screen. Today’s balance is the default, Available is today’s balance minus your alert limit, Minimum is the lowest balance to the end of the following month, and Reconciled is today’s balance but only counting reconciled transactions.

The colours show the state of each account: red means the account is below its alert limit, yellow the account will be below its alert limit in the next 1-14 days, and green for all other accounts. The transaction rows are blue.

Account alerts or things that need attention are shown below the account name: !! shows the number of days before the account will be below its alert limit, the “time” symbol shows the number of days before transactions are due, and the tick count shows the number of transactions that need reconciling.

To view an account and manage its transactions, select the account name or row itself. To change the settings of an account, tap the blue i buttons.

If you have foreign accounts, the exchange rates used to calculate your group and overall totals will be updated in the background (periodically). To force an update, simply scroll the accounts list down (from the top account) until you see the “Rates updated” text. Keep pulling down until you see the text “Hold and release” then let go. Your rates will be updated and the screen will refresh after a few seconds.