IMG_4195 Each account screen shows transactions that have happened or will happen in future, depending on your settings. The most recent day is highlighted in blue.

For each transaction, its payee/payer details, category and notes are displayed, as well as the transaction amount and running balance. Transactions that are reconciled are shown with a tick. Future transactions that have reminders enabled are shown with the “time” symbol.

To add a new transaction, select the + or Transaction tab at the bottom of the screen. More details on this are shown below.

To export a statement in CSV (comma separated values) format by email, select the CSV button.

The left arrow scrolls to the beginning of the transaction list, the balance itself scrolls to today and the right arrow scrolls to the last date, and then forwards a month at a time up to 24 months ahead, and then a year at a time.

The search icon lets you search for transactions based on payee/payer details, category, notes or amount.

The tick icon lets you show or hide reconciled transactions, or manually reconcile them (if Reconcile by Transaction is enabled in the settings).

To edit a transaction, select the row itself. Tap the blue i buttons to do some common tasks quickly, e.g. copying the transaction to today’s date, or moving the transaction to today or tomorrow.

IMG_4196 Choose whether the transaction is income (+), spending (-), a spending refund (left arrow) or a transfer between accounts (right arrow). For income, spending and refunds, you can set the account and payee/payer details, and for transfers you can select the from and to accounts.

For all transactions set the category, date, amount and any notes. For spending and transfers, you can also set a cheque number if enabled in the account settings (for transfers this applies to the from account only).

For recurring transactions, set the repeat interval, or use Custom for more complex periods.

Finally turn on the reminder switch to be reminded about a transaction.

When editing a recurring transaction you can change the date, amount and notes of each occurrence, as well as modifying the whole series.

To delete a transaction, select the red Delete button at the bottom of the screen.

IMG_4197 Multiple currencies are supported when setting the amount of a transaction.

For transfers between accounts in different currencies, you can set the sending and receiving amounts separately. If you only know one amount, you can either enter an exchange rate or double tap the rate button to lookup the latest exchange rate. You can always go back later and enter the exact amounts when reconciling.

For non-transfer transactions, you can change the transaction currency, e.g. if you are spending money abroad on holiday. You can then set the foreign and account amounts separately, or enter/lookup the exchange rate as above.

Enter both amounts to automatically calculate the exchange rate, or enter one amount and the exchange rate to automatically calculate the other.