Lists and Hills

Photo 27-06-2017, 08 20 44 By default, five commonly used lists are selected for you: the Munros, the Wainwrights, the Trail 100, the Welsh Furths and the Irish 900s.

To add, remove or re-order the lists you want to track, select the Edit button. Note that some lists are included multiple times, e.g. you might want to track the Marilyns in Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, England and Ireland separately.

Photo 27-06-2017, 08 20 58 Once a list is selected, use the icon at the bottom left to sort it by section/book number, or by name, height, distance from your default location, date climbed or ascents.

You can view all hills in the list, or filter just those climbed or those left to do.

You can also view the (possibly filtered) list on a map. Climbed hills are shown in green, and other hills are shown in red. Tapping each pin lets you name and view each hill.

To export the list by email, use the icon at the bottom right.

You can quickly tick off multiple hills by using the Quick Edit feature. Simply select the icon at the bottom right of the screen, select Quick Edit then tap each hill you have climbed. The dates will default to Unknown so you might have to go back and set these individually.

Photo 27-06-2017, 08 21 06 When on an individual hill screen, you can add an ascent using the + button, set the date climbed and attach any notes. To delete an ascent, simply swipe across the date row.

You can view the hill (shown in purple) and the surrounding/nearest 500 on a map, hills in the same “section” or hills in all sections. For selected hills, you can link to route and weather information using the icons at the bottom left. You can also share your location by email or SMS by selecting the icon at the bottom right (this assumes you are on top the hill selected).