Photo 27-06-2017, 14 15 47 Use the gears icon at the bottom right of the main screen to configure various application settings, make and/or restore backups or view this user guide.

There are a number of different options for backing up and sharing your data. Full details in the next section.

Under default contacts, you can set an email address for exporting backups and lists as CSV files (usually your own), and an email address and phone number for sharing your location information (e.g. a partner’s).

Also set preferences for distance (miles or kilometres), height (feet or metres), maps (Apple or Google) and sorting lists (manually, by name or by decreasing percentage complete). Google maps support terrain view, great for hills and contours!

If you want to track second or third rounds of hills, enabling multiple rounds will reset the climbed count to 0 to start again (your ascents are maintained). The current round will be included in brackets, e.g. Munros (2) means you are on round 2.

Finally you can enable use of your device’s location. Once you agree to the disclaimer (that it is not to be relied on for navigation purposes!), the device can locate itself (to set your default location), the maps will show your current location and the hill screens let you see how far you are away from the summit (useful if the cloud is down, as occasionally happens in Scotland!).