Man 3

Man 3 (Construction Site Impacts) is an application designed for BUILDING PROFESSIONALS involved in SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION projects, specifically those being assessed against the BREEAM© ™ and Code for Sustainable Homes© ™ (CSH) criteria.

The following sections summarise the main application screens, and describe what you can do with each one. For a detailed description, follow the “More information” links.

Note that all the screen shots shown are from an iPhone, however the iPad equivalents look very similar. The only real difference between the iPhone and iPad versions is that some screens are shown as popups rather than sliding a whole new view into place.


Please get in touch if you are interested in taking it over.



Enter and manage readings …

✔ Add readings per meter
✔ Edit readings
✔ Delete readings

More information …



View and email reports …

✔ View average monthly usage and KPI target per meter
✔ View graph of usage per month
✔ Send reports by email

More information …



To protect your data …

✔ Make a backup
✔ Export backups by email
✔ Import readings from a CSV file
✔ Restore a backup

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Application settings …

✔ Site name
✔ Meter formats
✔ KPI targets
✔ Default email addresses
✔ Dropbox, reminders and torch features
✔ Save readings (in-app purchase)
✔ Multiple sites (in-app purchase)

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Built in help …

✔ User guide
✔ Certification requirements
✔ Procedures document

More information …

Try it for FREE on iTunes!

Man 3 (Construction Site Impacts) is a FREE download on the iTunes AppStore. It is a fully functional app, but you can only add readings 1 month either side of the initial installation date. This restriction can be unlocked via a one-off in-app purchase.

If the iTunes link doesn’t work, you can find it in the Business section, or simply search for me (Graham Haley).

If you have any comments, questions or feature requests, visit my support page.