This tab has 7 sections. The first lets you set a name for your site.

The second section lets you set the format of your electricity and water meters, i.e. the number of digits before and after the decimal point. These default to 5.1, but you will probably need to change them.

The third section lets you set your KPI targets per meter.

The next two sections let you set a default email address for your site manager (presumably you), and your assessor.

The next section turns on the following features:

Dropbox lets you use this popular cloud-based storage for your backups (free account required, see

Reminders will show a popup reminder at 9am on the 1st of the month, to remind you to take your readings. If you dismiss the reminder, it will be repeated at the same time each day for a week.

Torch will turn on the LED torch on supported devices (currently the iPhone 4) when adding new readings. This is useful if your meters are somewhere dark!

Finally the last section lets you purchase some enhanced functionality:

Save Readings removes the restriction that you can only save readings within 1 month of the initial installation date. It also lets you take advantage of the CSV import functionality.

Multiple Sites lets you use the app to manage any number of sites, rather than just one by default. Once purchased you can add and edit multiple sites, and select the active one from the Settings tab.