Price Comparison

2016-09-21-23-01-37 If you are based in the UK, the power switch icon lets you compare your own costs against energy supplier prices for your area (UK postcodes and domestic level usage only).

First of all you need to configure your meter settings, specifically the meter type (Electricity or Gas), default currency (£) and UK postcode. For electricity meters with Economy 7 make sure you set which way round your readings are (day then night, or night then day).

Price comparisons can be made on individual meters as well as dual fuel (if you have one electricity and one gas meter at the same postcode). If you have more than one property at the same postcode, you can also enter a house/flat number or name to uniquely identify each one.

Since the application knows your exact annual usage and roughly how much this costs you (based on your own entered rates), a quick quote will let you compare this against the cheapest supplier for your area. Note that this will be presented as a “potential saving” as actual savings will depend on your current supplier and tariff.

The application can then take you to a website to get a specific quote based on your current supplier and tariff, and from there you can switch suppliers online. Doing this on a small screen like an iPhone or iPod Touch is not ideal, so you can also email the link to yourself to do this on a computer.

I have partnered with Energylinx for this feature as they are the UK’s number 1 guide to utility prices, handling a significant portion of all energy switches in the UK. They are completely independent of all the companies they represent, and they are unbiased, listing every single gas and electricity supplier in the UK. Their tariff calculator is fully accredited to the Consumer Focus Confidence Code.

Many people (myself included!) have used Energylinx to switch suppliers. It costs you nothing to get a quote, and each switch helps support ongoing development. How much could you save?