2016-09-21-23-00-53 Use the gears icon at the bottom right of the main screen to configure various application settings, make and/or restore backups or view this user guide.

There are a number of different options for backing up and sharing your data. Full details in the next section.

Under graphs, you can choose a number of themes. The black, red, green and blue options use a single colour for the line and bar graphs, whereas the default “Red, Green and Blue” option uses blue for the line graphs, and red and green for the bar charts, depending on how the values compare to the average or last years figures (if available).

Annual average will use the average of your readings over the previous 12 months, to take seasonal variations into account. Turning this off will use the average over the graph period (e.g. 3 or 6 months).

Extrapolate will extend the end points of the graph by estimating what the usage would be right up to the end of the selected period (e.g. month or year).

Landscape mode can be disabled to prevent screen rotation (iPhone and iPod Touch only).

Minimum zero will force the line graphs to start at 0 rather than the actual minimum. While this will show more white space, it can give a more visual indication of how things have changed over time.

Under readings, you can set a daily, weekly or monthly reminder where a notification will be posted to your screen when it is time to read your meters.

If your device has a torch/flashlight, you can use this when entering new readings, very useful if your meters are in a dark cupboard!

Keyboard entry lets you enter your readings using a keyboard rather than scroll wheels (not supported in landscape mode on the iPad).

Next meter is used when adding new readings, to prompt you to move on to the next meter, i.e. Save, Next, Save, Next, … etc. If you prefer to enter each reading separately, you can turn this off.

Other settings include a default email address, used when exporting backups or readings in CSV format. This speeds up the export process as you won’t have to manually enter an address each time.

The “Power user” upgrade is no longer used as all the extra features are now included in the app, free of charge!

The “Pro user” upgrade is a ONE-TIME purchase that removes the restriction on the number of meters supported, and is intended for landlords, businesses and professional users.