The accounts screen shows a summary of all of your accounts, their current balances, the total balance for each account group and your overall balance.

To add a new account, select the + button at the bottom. Give the account a short name, choose an account group (see below), set its currency, opening balance and alert limit, add any notes and choose whether it should be excluded from the budgets, reports and totals. To save, select the Save button.

Tap and hold the account rows to edit these settings, remove an account or pin the account to your home screen.

To change the balances shown, tap on the actual balance at the top of the screen. Today’s balance is the default, Available is today’s balance minus your alert limit, Minimum is the lowest end-of-day balance to the end of the following month, and Reconciled is today’s balance but only counting reconciled transactions.

The account colours show the state of each account: red means the account is below its alert limit, yellow the account will be below its alert limit in the next 1-28 days, and green for all other accounts.

Account alerts or things that need attention are shown below the account name: the warning triangle shows the number of days before the account will be below its alert limit, the “time” symbol shows the number of days before transactions are due, and the tick count shows the number of transactions that need reconciling.

To view an account and manage its transactions, select the account name or row itself.

To reorder your accounts, or move them between groups, tap the reorder button at the bottom.

To add a new account group, tap the three dots at the bottom. To remove a group or change its name, tap and hold the group name itself.

Each account screen shows transactions that have happened or will happen in future, depending on your settings.

For each transaction, its payee/payer details, category and notes are displayed, as well as the transaction amount and running balance. Transactions that are reconciled are shown with a tick. Future transactions that have reminders enabled are shown with the “time” symbol.

To quickly add a new transaction, use the + button at the bottom (rather than going back to the panorama).

To edit a transaction, select the row itself. Tapping and holding a transaction lets you do some common tasks quickly, e.g. copying the transaction to today’s date, moving the transaction to today or tomorrow or deleting the transaction.

Tapping on the word Today at the top of the screen scrolls to today.

The search button lets you search for transactions based on payee/payer details, category or notes.

The tick button lets you start reconciling transactions (if reconcile by transaction is set in the settings).

The look ahead button scrolls to the last date, and then forwards a month at a time, up to 24 months in advance.

To export a statement in CSV (comma separated values) format, tap on the three dots.