Meter Readings (iOS)


Closely monitor your household energy and water usage and the chances are you will SAVE MONEY!

This useful application makes it easy to MONITOR your household utility meters. Once you start entering readings, your usage, costs and savings are calculated and displayed in easy to visualise graphs.

For UK users, you can also compare your usage and costs against energy supplier prices in your area to see if you can SAVE EVEN MORE money. You can even switch suppliers directly from your device!

The following sections summarise the main application screens, and describe what you can do with each one. For a detailed description, follow the “More information” links.

Note that all the screen shots shown are from an iPhone, however the iPad equivalents look very similar. The only real difference between the iPhone and iPad versions is that some screens are shown as popups rather than sliding a whole new view into place.

Meters and Rates


2014-02-04 19.33.50 Manage your meters and rates …

✔ Add and remove meters
✔ Change meter order
✔ Meters settings and rates

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Usage and Costs


2014-02-04 19.34.53 View usage and costs per meter …

✔ Enter readings
✔ Latest/current usage and costs
✔ Average usage and costs
✔ View daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly graphs and figures

More information …

Readings and Bills


2014-02-04 19.35.19 Manage your readings, and check your bills …

✔ Add notes per reading
✔ View usage and costs between each pair of readings
✔ Select submitted readings and check bills
✔ View usage and cost since last bill
✔ View an estimate of your next bill
✔ Export readings as a CSV file

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2014-02-04 19.36.04 Change application settings, including …

✔ Default email address
✔ Graph settings
✔ Tips
✔ Upgrades

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2014-02-04 19.36.42 To protect your data, e.g. readings and settings …

✔ Make a backup
✔ Import, export and restore backups
✔ Import readings from a CSV file

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Price Comparison


2014-02-04 19.37.02 To compare your usage and costs against energy supplier prices in your area (UK only) …

✔ Get quotes for electricity, gas or dual fuel with one tap
✔ Find out potential savings
✔ Follow links to a website to get a specific quote
✔ Email these links if you would prefer to do this on a computer

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