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Account Tracker Features vs Platform

January 15, 2017 Leave a comment

The following table shows the main features of Account Tracker (as of version 5.2.1) and how they are supported on both the Mac version (coming soon) and my backup (ATB) viewer. It will be updated as development and new updates progress.

Feature Account Tracker for iOS Account Tracker for Mac ATB Viewer Comments(*)
Add and Delete Accounts Y Y(*) N Edit on iOS, sync to the Mac
Add/Edit/Delete Account Groups Y Y(*) N Edit on iOS, sync to the Mac
Account Settings Y Y(*) Y(*) Mac is read only
Hidden Accounts Y Y(*) Y(*) Mac does this at the group level
Change Account Order and Groups Y Y N
Add/Edit/Delete Transactions Y Y N
Split Transactions Y Y(*) Y(*) Mac is read only
Foreign Transactions Y Y Y(*) ATB Viewer is read only
Recurring Transactions Y Y Y(*) ATB Viewer is read only
Bulk Edit Transactions Y(*) Y N iOS can only bulk edit the category and details fields
Reconcile Transactions Y Y N
Budgets Y Y(1) Y(2) 1) Edit on iOS, sync to the Mac

2) ATB Viewer loses changes on close

Reports Y Y Y(*) ATB Viewer loses changes on close
CSV Import Y N N
CSV Export Y N N
PDF Export Y N N
Alerts Y N N
Backup and Restore Y N Y(*) ATB Viewer can read and view backup files
iCloud Syncing Y(1) Y Y(2) 1) Account Tracker PRO only

2)ATB Viewer can read and view backup files on iCloud, but not sync

Dropbox Syncing Y(*) N N Account Tracker PRO only
PIN Code Access Y Y Y
Touch ID Y N N

Account Tracker for Mac update #13

January 14, 2017 Leave a comment

atmac64 Since my last update I have continued working on a few missing features.

Foreign transactions (including rate lookups) and almost all recurring transaction types are now supported, meaning that for day-to-day use, the only feature that will not work (initially) is splits. You will be able to create these on iOS and view them on the Mac, just not create or edit them.

I will be wrapping up development by the end of January (i.e. in 2-3 weeks), and will then start preparing the app for submission to Apple. Adding on the approvals process for a new app, and allowing for a few issues, I would expect to be able to release by the end of February.

I will then be adding Dropbox syncing support as soon as I can manage it, and of course implementing splits.

Account Tracker/PRO 5.2.1 now available

January 5, 2017 Leave a comment

help iCloud improvements and bug fixes, in preparation for my Mac app (coming soon).

Added a percentage increase/decrease to the balance report, based on the starting balance.

Note that you now require iOS 8 or above (which means the 6 year old iPhone 4 is no longer supported). Older versions (of iOS and my app) will continue to work in isolation, however syncing is not supported between different app versions (5.2 to 5.2.1 is ok).

UPDATE: if you notice the app freezing when running this version, please see my support page where the issue and fixes are discussed.

Account Tracker for Mac update #12

December 8, 2016 Comments off

atmac64 Continued steady progress on my Mac app during the past month. I have released 16(!) betas to a small number of testers, and feedback has been positive so far.

The app now supports syncing to and from iOS. You can edit most fields in existing transactions, as well as being able to add new ones. The three exceptions are …

1) foreign transactions, where the transaction currency is different to your account currency. You can’t create these on the Mac, nor can you view or edit the foreign amount if the transaction is created on iOS.
2) split transactions. You can’t create these on the Mac, nor can you view or edit the splits created on iOS. The budgets and reports will work though. Basically splits need to be manipulated on iOS.
3) recurring transactions. You can’t create these on the Mac, nor edit the period if the transaction is created on iOS. You can view them though, and end the series.

Some of these will be implemented before release, but not necessarily all. My thinking here is they can all be done on iOS and adding support for these on the Mac will take time (i.e. months).

Account Tracker for Mac update #11

October 29, 2016 Comments off

atmac64Quite a lot of progress since my last update!

I managed to get iCloud working much more reliably, possibly more Apple’s doing than mine! I have since added editing support for the transaction date, details/location/payee, category, cheque/check number and notes.  You can move, copy and delete transactions too, as well as turning reminders on and off. Next up is editing the transaction amount and a button to add a new transaction.

I will soon be at the stage of wanting some help testing this out before release. I can only support a very small number of users doing this, so will be looking for people willing to spend a bit of time testing out lots of editing combinations and syncing in particular. Ideally any career testers out there! Please get in touch if you are interested.

If you just want to see the new app, just run my backup viewer – it is almost identical!

Tentative plan is to release Account Tracker before Christmas (2016!). It will NOT (probably never) be a standalone app, rather it will require a PRIMARY device running on iOS to work. Initially it will use iCloud syncing only, however I will add Dropbox at some stage too. Finally it will require a Mac running macOS Sierra, old version of OS X will not be supported.

Account Tracker for Mac update #10

October 16, 2016 Comments off

atmac64A little more progress in the last month or so, however a lot of frustration around iCloud on macOS. Read on for details …

In my last update, I had my Mac app syncing from a PRIMARY device on iOS, i.e. registering for and receiving the initial sync. I have since got it receiving subsequent changes (from any iOS device), as well as pushing changes made itself through iCloud to all iOS devices.

I currently only support reconciling, however I will slowly enable other editing features over time. As I said previously this is “just” UI work and the underlying sync is working in both directions.

I do seem to have a major problem with iCloud though. It seems the Mac doesn’t receive changes from other devices automatically at all. However I can force them to appear simply by writing to iCloud once (e.g. creating a new file). This seems to kick macOS into action and allows my app to function as expected. I have wasted most of this weekend trying to figure this out, but I will keep looking for a more elegant solution. Very frustrating!

Which brings me on to my plans moving forwards …

Writing a fully functional, stand-alone Mac app is just too much work (for me), and this is partly why progress has been so slow. I have therefore decided to only support the Mac as a companion app to iOS, meaning you need to be using iOS as your PRIMARY device and the Mac itself will only support a limited set of editing functionality. More complex editing will have to be done on iOS.

Initially I will release an iCloud only version, but will also try to support Dropbox too (later).

Again, further updates will be posted as I make progress.

Hill Lists 5.0.1 now available

September 30, 2016 Comments off

hlicon57 Fixed a crash to do with the multiple rounds feature.

Only a few users reported this as it was a bit of a corner case, specifically where your 2nd (or subsequent) rounds had no ascents.

Apologies for missing this in testing.