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iOS 11 is now available

September 19, 2017 Leave a comment

As usual, Apple have made their annual iOS update in September. So far (famous last words!) I am not aware of any issues with my apps, but if you do come across something, please let me know ASAP.

Before upgrading, just a reminder that replacing your entire operating system is a pretty dramatic thing to do to your device. You should really ensure you have a backup of all of your important data (just in case). While you can use iTunes backups for this, e.g, to iCloud, I wouldn’t rely on this completely. Each of my apps support backups – see this post for full details. And remember to export your backup off your device!

Finally, quite a few people are asking whether my apps are 32- bit or 64-bit, as the former won’t work on iOS 11. All of my apps were converted years ago! To see your incompatible apps (if there are any), go to your main settings app, then select General then About then Applications. If it doesn’t show you a list, all of your apps are fine.

Account Tracker (for Mac) 5.4.1 now available

September 5, 2017 Leave a comment

atmac-64x64 Added support for exporting transactions as a CSV file (from the File menu).

Added support for importing transactions from a CSV file (use the Open option on the File menu, or cmd-O). This needs to be in the format documented below (just like iOS).

Added an option to force a manual sync (again, from the File menu). This shouldn’t ever be required, but if you prefer leaving the app open, it can be useful.

Improvements to iCloud syncing.

Account Tracker (for Mac) 5.4 now available

August 20, 2017 Comments off

atmac-64x64 Added support for Touch ID, to unlock the app using the touch bar on supported Macs.

Enhanced transaction searching, giving the sum (total), transaction count and average transaction value with each key tap.

Fixed an issue to do with recurring transactions and the notes field. I now display the series note, unless overridden per occurrence. You can edit the series note from the first occurrence.

Added support for copy, cut and paste while editing transaction fields.

Added mouse support to the balance graph. Much like touch support on iOS, click and drag along the graph to display intermediate values.

Account Tracker (iOS) 5.4.1 now available

July 24, 2017 Comments off

help This update fixes a bug introduced in version 5.4, specifically the hang/crash at startup affecting a very small number of users.

I have also made improvements to searching for those users with very large numbers of transactions (Account Tracker PRO only).

Apologies if you hit either of these over the past few days.

Account Tracker (iOS) 5.4 now available

July 18, 2017 Comments off

help This update adds a few new features to Account Tracker PRO, plus some general improvements to both apps.

Enhanced transaction searching, giving the sum (total), transaction count and average transaction value with each key tap (PRO version only).
Added an account balance (PDF) report (PRO version only).
Added a new (advanced) setting to use dark keyboards (PRO version only).

Faster (single tap) date entry.
Fixed some issues with the way onscreen keyboards are displayed.
Added additional checks and reminders about doing backups.

Finally, added an upgrades section to the bottom of the Settings screen, giving you a few options to get more out of your data.

Hill Lists (for iOS) version 5.2 now available

June 26, 2017 Comments off

hlicon57 Moved to version 15.5 of the Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH), a routine update with some minor changes to the HuMPS, Simms, Nuttalls and County Tops.

Added five new lists: the Administrative and Historic County Tops, Bridges, Buxton and Lewis, and Dillons. In doing so, I have tidied up the smaller lists into their UK equivalents: Deweys, Hewitts and Nuttalls. Apologies if you were tracking the region-specific versions of these, but individually they were pretty small.

This update also migrates to some new APIs from Dropbox, as the old ones are being permanently disabled in September 2017.

If you are currently using the Apps folder to store your backup files, you shouldn’t notice any difference. However if you are using the Root (i.e. top level) folder, you will need to re-link the app to Dropbox to continue using their service. Unfortunately files cannot be migrated automatically, but this is very easy to do from a computer. Please see my support site or get in touch if you need help.

Note that you now require iOS 8 or above. Older versions (of iOS and my app) will continue to work, but you will no longer get updates.

Account Tracker (for Mac) 5.3 now available

May 29, 2017 Comments off

atmac-64x64 Added support for syncing over Dropbox, to allow one database to be kept in sync between different users (e.g. within a family). To set this up you will first need to disable iCloud syncing, then link each device to the same Dropbox account.

Fixed an issue with editing amounts in your default currency if using the hide decimals features (on iOS).

Fixed a layout issue on the MacBook Air 11.6 inch.