Account Tracker (iOS)


Account Tracker is a powerful personal finance app that helps you track spending and monitor balances across multiple accounts. There are two versions: a default (CLASSIC) version and a PRO version (adding support for database syncing, automatic backups, enhanced transaction searching, 3D Touch, Apple Watch, and more!). Also check out my companion Mac app too!

For a quick overview, please read the Getting Started page, otherwise the following sections summarise the main application screens, and describe what you can do with each one. For a detailed description, follow the “More information” links.

Note that all the screen shots shown are from an iPhone, however the iPad equivalents look very similar.


IMG_4194 View and manage your accounts …

✔ Add and remove accounts
✔ Move accounts between account groups
✔ Select an account to manage transactions
✔ Change account settings

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IMG_4195 View and manage transactions per account …

✔ Add and remove transactions
✔ Export statements by email
✔ Search for transactions
✔ Reconcile transactions
✔ Quickly show/hide reconciled transactions

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IMG_4198 Set and track budgets per category …

✔ Set budgets for spending, income and transfers
✔ View progress (weekly, biweekly/fortnightly, monthly or yearly)

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IMG_4201 View reports per account, account group or across all accounts …

✔ Graph of balance over time
✔ Cash flow
✔ Spending by category
✔ Spending by transaction details
✔ Income by category
✔ Income by transaction details
✔ Transfers by category

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IMG_4202 Change global settings for …

✔ Accounts and transactions
✔ Backups and syncing
✔ Budgets and reports
✔ Groups, categories and payee/payer details
✔ Security
✔ Advanced options, e.g. appearance, behaviour and international
✔ Plus … user guide and support links

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Backups and CSV Import

IMG_4207 To protect your data …

✔ Make a backup
✔ Export backups by email
✔ Import transactions from a CSV file
✔ Restore a backup

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IMG_4208 To keep multiple devices in sync …

✔ Enable database syncing
✔ Primary and secondary devices
✔ Restrictions

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