Account Tracker 6.6 now available

May 12, 2021 Comments off

help Moved exporting your account balances from the reports to the accounts screen (top right). You can now export in CSV format (in addition to PDF).

From the reports you can now export the selected transactions in CSV format (in addition to PDF).

From any list of transactions you can now export in PDF format (in addition to CSV).

Added an advanced setting to set the export format for CSV files (defaults to Windows but sometimes this can give extra blank rows, if so switch to macOS/Unix).

Added a look ahead option that will go as far as your last transaction, beyond the previous limit of 24 months.

Improved the handling of closed accounts, e.g. the last transaction date is now shown while editing your accounts.

Fixed a bug when importing CSV files with non-default date formats.

Meter Readings 6.2 now available

April 26, 2021 Comments off

mricon57 Added support for the iPhone 12.

Changed the bar charts to better handle negative values.

Improved the predicted next bill date for 1, 2 and 3 month billing periods.

Fixed a rotation bug (iPhone only).


6.2.1 was released on 29th November 2021 with minor changes, mainly for iOS 15 compatibility. Note that the app now requires iOS 11.0 or above.

6.2.2 was released on 5th January 2022, adding the latest readings (for all meter types) to the meters screen.

Account Tracker versions

April 2, 2021 Comments off

help Account Tracker was launched as a paid app back in 2009, it has always had the black icon with coloured bars.

Account Tracker Pro was launched in 2016, initially to add Apple Watch support. It has a blue/grey icon with white bars. Almost all new development since 2016 has been added to my Pro version (only).

When I stopped supporting version 5 of the original app (2020), I had planned to remove it from the AppStore. Instead I have kept it, adding a one-off in-app purchase to unlock all the version 6 (Pro) features, everything except Apple Watch.

For new users (i.e. those downloading since version 6.5.3), the upgrade is not needed. Instead Account Tracker is now a free app that requires a subscription, either quarterly or yearly. When you sign up, the first month is free to give you the chance to try the app before being charged. You can manage or cancel your subscription at any time by going to your account settings on the AppStore.

If you would prefer a subscription-free alternative, Account Tracker Pro will continue to be available. Both Account Tracker and Account Tracker Pro will be updated in lock step, and they will both work with my Mac version (now named Account Tracker XL since Apple no longer allow apps of the same name, even across platforms).

I am hoping a subscription with a 1 month free trial, plus a subscription-free alternative, might attract more users. Time will tell!

Hill Lists 7.0 now available

February 20, 2021 Comments off

hlicon57 Updated the underlying Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH) to version 17.1, a routine update with changes to the Marilyns, HuMPS, Simms, Dodds, Munro Tops, Nuttalls, Deweys, Donald Deweys, Highland Fives and County Tops.

Added support for the SIBs (Significant Islands of Britain), most are not easy to get to!

Added support for the Tumps (Thirty and Upward Metre Prominence). This is a huge list of over 17,000 hills. For performance reasons it is managed via a new Tumps filter on the location view (4th tab, top left). You can select and tick off hills from the map, and they will be included in the all ascents/hills view.

To help with ongoing lockdowns and staying local, added another filter to show all hills (including Tumps) on each of the Landranger 1:50k map sheets. This defaults to your local map sheet, but you can pan around the country to explore further afield. Enjoy!

Ascents on an individual hill page are now shown in descending order, most recent first (as they are on the all ascents screen). For hills with lots of ascents (10 or more), added a quick index to scroll to specific years.

Performance improvements, especially when loading maps.

Backup improvements.


7.0.1 was released on 5th March to fix a bug, specifically to do with importing Tumps.

Account Tracker for Mac 6.5 now available

January 9, 2021 Comments off

macicon-57 Added limited editing when viewing the all/search transactions screen, specifically the details, category and notes fields.

Minor changes to keep in sync with new iOS features (v6.5).


6.5.1 was released on 11th February to fix a bug (specifically to properly handle closed accounts).

6.5.2 was released on 19th February to change some AppStore text (only).

6.5.3 was released on 1st April to change the app icon.

6.5.4 was released on 5th April to change some AppStore text (only).

Account Tracker Pro 6.5 now available

January 4, 2021 Comments off

atp57 Added support for 1st July and 1st October year starts. The app now handles most of the world’s tax years.

Changes to transaction colours. I now use grey for reconciled transactions, red for unreconciled transactions (up to today) and blue for future transactions. While this loses the “blue for today” when grouped by month, I think it is now better (because you can see what is reconciled or needing to be reconciled more easily).

Following feedback, the grey for reconciled setting now covers the amount too. As a result, reconciled transaction amounts will not be coloured red or green.

Improvements when right scrolling transactions, especially for accounts with very few transactions.

Minor changes to the calendar date picker on the iPad.

Bug fixes.


6.5.1 was released on 12th January to fix a bug that prevented transaction scrolling beyond 2 years into the future.

6.5.2 was released on 19th January to fix a bug that could cause recent changes to be lost when dealing with very large numbers of transactions (15-30k or more).

6.5.3 was released on 1st April to fix some minor bugs.

6.5.4 was released on 5th April to change some AppStore text (only).

Account Tracker v5 – end of support

December 21, 2020 Comments off

aticon57 Further to my monthly notifications in the app itself (and on the AppStore), I will no longer be supporting version 5 of Account Tracker beyond 31st December 2020.

Specifically this applies to all versions up to and including v5.9.8.

Users can now upgrade to version 6 directly from the app (bottom of the settings tab). A one-off payment will unlock over 5 years of new feature development, including everything in Account Tracker Pro since it launched in 2016 (except Apple Watch).

Also since I now fully support iCloud Drive in Account Tracker Pro (v6.4 onwards), I no longer support the old legacy version of iCloud (called Documents in the Cloud). If it is working fine for you, PLEASE don’t change anything, however if you are setting up syncing from scratch, use iCloud Drive instead. This is configured in my app itself by first disabling syncing (if enabled), then disabling and re-enabling iCloud.

I have plenty of updates planned for Account Tracker Pro in 2021, COVID and Brexit permitting!

Happy Christmas!

Account Tracker for Mac 6.4 now available

December 7, 2020 Comments off

macicon-57 Added support for iCloud Drive, to work with recent changes to iOS version v6.4.

Other minor changes to keep in sync with iOS.


6.4.1 was released on 21st December to fix a couple of minor bugs.

Account Tracker Pro 6.4 now available

December 7, 2020 Comments off

atp57 Added support for iCloud Drive. To enable it you need to disable syncing (if enabled), disable iCloud in the app settings, then re-enable iCloud again, choosing the iCloud Drive option.

Added an option to force a sync from this device (iCloud only, not usually required but it sometimes helps). Just select the syncing row in the app settings.

Added support for exporting CSV files in macOS (Unix) format. Just tap and hold the CSV button.

Minor colour changes.

Hill Lists shortlisted for TGO Reader Awards 2020

October 24, 2020 Comments off

I am delighted that my Hill Lists app has been shortlisted for The Great Outdoors Reader Awards 2020, in the category Walkers’ app of the year! Lots of great apps though, like OS Maps, Strava and ViewRanger. Just being nominated is a win for me!