Account Tracker Pro 6.3 now available

October 19, 2020 Comments off

atp57 Added support for dark mode, plus a system option to automatically change between light and dark according to your device setting (Pro version only, requires iOS 13 or above).

When searching across all accounts, if the text matches transactions in multiple currencies, sum using the default currency (Pro version only).

Minor improvements to PDF generation and notes editing.

Bug fixes.

Dark mode coming to Account Tracker Pro (iOS)

October 17, 2020 Comments off

Dark mode appeared on the Mac in 2018 but it was only introduced to the iPhone and iPad in iOS 13 (late last year). I now fully support it in version 6.3 of Account Tracker Pro.

It has been a lot of work to do, as there were over 400 places in my app where I set colours! In addition to my current three themes, you can choose to run dark mode all the time, or use the system settings, switching between light and dark based on a daily schedule.

Here are some sample screenshots …

Hill Lists 6.8 now available

October 14, 2020 Comments off

Updated the underlying Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH) to version 17. Minor changes to the Marilyns, HuMPS, Simms, Dodds, Nuttalls, Deweys, County Tops, Synges and Hewitts. Note the Munro Top Beinn a’ Chroin West Top has been deleted, following confirmation by the SMC.

Also in version 17 the Dodds have been extended to Ireland, bringing them into alignment with the Marilyns, Humps and Simms. The list replaces the Myrddyn Deweys.

When searching for hills, I now match on ascent notes too. This lets you search for all hills climbed with a person, assuming they are mentioned in the log. Clearly if they are called Ben, you might get a few more matches than expected, perhaps use @Ben or #Ben in the logs!

When adding multiple hills on the same day, I now retain the order they were logged. This has always been the case with hills logged on the day, just not earlier days.

Bug fixes.

Account Tracker Pro 6.2 now available

September 13, 2020 Comments off

atp57 Added support for marking an account closed in the account settings. If enabled, the account will not appear as an option when adding or editing transactions.

Added a separate setting for the balance type used when viewing an account (vs the one used on the all accounts screen). When viewing an account, double tap the balance at the top. This setting applies to all accounts.

When viewing a list of accounts (e.g. when adding a transaction or changing budgets or reports), hidden accounts are now shown in grey.

When adding a new transaction, you can now set it to be reconciled (non-recurring transactions only).

Hill Lists 6.7 now available

September 11, 2020 Comments off

hlicon57 Added two new lists for their historical perspective: deleted Munro Tops and deleted Donald Tops.

Added a map view to show the location of an individual hill (when viewing any group of hills, or for each of your most climbed hills on the dashboard). Simply swipe right to left on a hill.

The location view now distinguishes unclimbed hills in your tracked lists (red) from other unclimbed hills (grey).

Added a map scale when using Apple maps (not yet supported on Google maps).

Added a new sort option showing year to date progress (vs the previous year). To make this more useable you can quickly re-sort your tracked lists by tapping the lists icon (bottom left) a second time.

Improvements to the underlying database, to reduce memory usage and speed a few things up.


6.7.1 was released on 17th September to fix a bug to do with the New Donalds list.

Account Tracker Pro 6.1 now available (iOS and Mac)

July 12, 2020 Comments off

atp57 Improved and added colour coding to the lists of transactions (iOS only).

Moved all the copy and move transaction options to the blue accessory buttons rather than having some on the swipe buttons (Pro version only).

Added support for doughnut charts (as an alternative to pie charts). These can be enabled in the advanced settings (Pro and Mac versions only).

Added support for syncing selected settings (including account and group order) from your primary device on iOS (Mac version only).

Upgraded to the latest Dropbox framework.


6.1.1 (iOS only) was released on 15th July to tweak the transaction colours: blue is the most recent (as before), grey is reconciled (new) and everything else is red. While reconciling (i.e. in reconcile mode), future transactions are also greyed, leaving just those to be reconciled as red.

Also added an advanced setting to grey out the transaction details if reconciled. If you are still using the old (basic) app, v5.9.6 was released on 21st July with the same change.

6.1.2 (iOS only) was released on 4th August with a few bug fixes.

6.1.3 (iOS only) was released on 5th August to fix a scrolling issue.

Hill Lists 6.6 now available

June 19, 2020 Comments off

hlicon57 The lists view now shows completed lists separately, to make tracking multiple rounds easier.

The dashboard view now supports swipe actions, to show maps per month or year and to quickly add a new ascent of your most climbed hills. Simply swipe right to left on a month, year or hill.

Upgraded to the latest Dropbox framework.

Meter Readings 6.1 now available

June 14, 2020 Comments off

mricon57 Added a new meter type, specifically for things where your readings don’t accumulate (e.g. temperature, height or weight).

Set the meter direction to average, and on the graphs the number of readings in a given period are averaged (rather than added).

Upgraded to the latest Dropbox framework.


6.1.1 was released on 15th July to add support for reminders on the last day of the month.

6.1.2 was released on 8th February 2021 to make some backup improvements.

Hill Lists 6.5 now available

February 28, 2020 Comments off

hlicon57 Updated to version 16.4 of the DoBIH (released on 26th February 2020). The Trail 100 list has been replaced by the new version published in February’s Trail magazine. Other minor changes have been made to the HuMPs, Simms, Dodds and Fellrangers.

Added list completion dates to the lists view (displayed when complete, unless you have multiple rounds configured).

Added the hill’s relative height (also known as drop or prominence) to each individual hill page.

Added an option to filter the location view map by height (3000ft, 2500ft or 2000ft), drop (150m or 100m) or to distinguish tracked lists. When viewing the map (4th tab), tap the location view icon a second time.

Added a setting to change the climbed hills colour to blue (for some people, green and red are not a good combination).

Bug fixes.


6.5.1 was released on 5th April to fix an issue when importing ascents from a CSV file.

Meter Readings 6.0 now available

January 25, 2020 Comments off

mricon57 Marketing and AppStore changes only.

Apple now require developers to submit a new version of an app just to change the text on the AppStore!


6.0.1 was released on 21st February to remove the price comparison feature, hopefully temporarily. Following their takeover by Go Compare, Energylinx are no longer supporting smaller switching sites (like mine), citing a change in business focus. This feature had been there in my app for almost 10 years, helping 100s of users switch suppliers, many repeatedly.

6.0.2 was released on 15th April to make some internal changes to meet Apple’s new AppStore requirements (specifically to do with the launch screen and help text).

6.0.3 was released on 3rd June to adjust when the app switches from bar charts to line graphs, and to improve the extrapolation calculation for the most recent quarter.