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Account Tracker (iOS and Mac) 5.5.1 now available

December 4, 2017 Comments off

help Minor bug fixes, including a crash that could happen shortly after the app is launched.

While passing I added an option to move a transaction to the next Monday (as well as today or tomorrow). Tap the blue i buttons on the account screens.

Also added the Indian rupee symbol.

Oh, and the account balances PDF report (PRO only) now includes group balances too.

Account Tracker (for Mac) 5.5 now available

November 28, 2017 Comments off

atmac-64x64 Minor bug fixes (and keeping the app inline with iOS).

Account Tracker (iOS) 5.5 now available

November 27, 2017 Comments off

help Added support for the iPhone X.

Added an advanced setting to show credits in green.

If you disable the running balance on the account screen (advanced settings), I now show the end of day/month balance at the end of each table section.

Minor bug fixes.

Meter Readings 5.2 now available

November 20, 2017 Comments off

mricon57 iPhone X (and iPad Pro) support.

Other minor fixes to keep the app working with the latest version(s) of iOS.

Improvements to the price comparison website (UK users only). I still uses Energylinx behind the scenes, but their old site was causing them support issues.

If you use my app to find a cheaper energy deal (and I hope you do!), please use the link provided to switch suppliers. It costs you nothing to get a quote, and each switch helps support ongoing development. How much could you save?

Account Tracker (for Mac) 5.4.4 now available

November 9, 2017 Comments off

atmac-64x64 Added a (temporary) workaround to continue supporting exchange rate lookups.

Minor bug fixes.

Account Tracker (iOS) 5.4.4 now available

November 9, 2017 Comments off

help Added a (temporary) workaround to continue supporting exchange rate lookups.

Made the tick button on the account screen more responsive.

Minor bug fixes.

Account Tracker (iOS) 5.4.3 now available

October 15, 2017 Comments off

help This update fixes a couple of bugs reported in the previous version, specifically the crash on the reports screen when stepping through (many) dates, and the blank report on launch issue.

If you see any (other) issues, please get in touch.