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Account Tracker Pro 5.0.2 submitted to Apple

February 7, 2016 Comments off


This update includes further improvements to the Apple Watch app, including a better glance view showing the selected budget(s) from the iPhone.

Also the ability to view recent and future transactions (+/- 1 week) by using 3D touch on the accounts screen.

More detail …

The accounts view now honours your selected balance type. Specifically it will display the reconciled balance if this is what you have chosen on your iPhone, otherwise it will display today’s balances.

The glance view now shows your selected budget(s), not just the overall budget. The new screen layout makes it clearer what the figures are, as well as showing you a daily limit (available budget divided by the number of days remaining).

Finally if you use 3D touch on the accounts screen, you can switch between this and the transactions screen. The latter shows recent and future transactions, (+/- 1 week).

Meter Readings conversion factor

February 6, 2016 3 comments

mricon57 The conversion factor in the meter settings is used for meters where your measured units are different to your billed units (e.g. m3 vs kWh). As an example my own gas meter measures in cubic feet (ft3), and my most recent bill tells me there are 32.156347 kWh for every cubic foot of gas (just divide the number of kWh you have been billed for by the number of units you have used on your meter).

The true conversion factor changes daily, due to the calorific value of the gas you are supplied with. And this changes based on where you are in the country. Your energy supplier simplifies these complex changes by giving you an average figure per bill.

Back to my app, it would be horribly complicated to track these changes to your conversion factor, so I simply take the single figure you supply and use that for all reading periods. The app is more about making you aware of your usage not the exact amount of each bill.

However if your old gas meter is replaced and you have a completely different conversion factor (e.g. your old ft3 meter is replaced with one that measures in m3), this will change all of your historical costs too. There are two ways around this …

1. Add your new meter as a completely separate meter in the app. You can then set its new conversion factor as before and things will work fine. However you will lose the visual comparison against your older readings.

2. Set your conversion factor to 1 and adjust all your rates (past and present) to be for your metered units. This basically means manually multiplying your kWh rates by your conversion factor to give you your rates per metered unit.

Either way will work, it just depends how much work you want to do.

Account Tracker Pro – now in colour

January 17, 2016 Comments off

coloursNew in Account Tracker PRO, your choice of colour!

While the flat white look of iOS 7 was very different and new back in 2013, after a couple of years I thought you might want a change. I have therefore introduced two new colour choices in my PRO app.

Same data just different. Available now on the Advanced settings screen.

I hope you like them!

Account Tracker 5.0 now available

January 15, 2016 4 comments

aticon57 atficon57 This update introduces a PRO version of Account Tracker, my first paid app upgrade since I launched Account Tracker in 2009! It is a similar but separate app, and includes the following additional features …

  • Apple Watch support, showing up-to-date account balances and a snapshot of your main budgets (what else would you like to see?)
  • 3D Touch support, to quickly launch into adding a new transaction or searching across your accounts (just push on the app icon on a supported device)
  • AirDrop support, to quickly and securely share your backup files between devices (replacing the clunky WiFi option)
  • Database syncing over iCloud or Dropbox built in (no in-app purchases required)
  • New colour scheme(s) and user interface improvements

See the following links for more details …

Account Tracker Pro – Watch screenshots

January 10, 2016 13 comments


My initial Apple watch version is quite limited in what it shows you, however until I get feedback, it is what it is. :-)

This first screenshot shows a list of all of your accounts and their balances. If you reconcile by date, the balance will be today’s, otherwise it will be your reconciled balance.

At the moment the app shows all accounts, but in my next update I will get it to honour your hidden account settings.

The second screenshot is the glance view. The top figure is the total of your account balances (from above), taking into account whether or not to exclude a given account from your totals (the same as on your iPhone).

The bottom figure is the amount remaining on your overall spending budget (i.e. across ALL accounts). This should be the figure shown at the top right of your budgets screen. Clearly it also depends on which period you are looking at.

The graphic is a round version of the bars shown on the iPhone, red (outside) for spending, yellow (middle) for income and blue (inside) for transfers.

If you tap the glance view, it will launch the app to show your account balances.

Note that the watch gets the latest data from your iPhone at two specific times: when you close the iPhone app and when you launch the watch app. There can be a short delay before the figures are updated in both situations, especially the second one.

Should I upgrade to Account Tracker Pro?

January 9, 2016 1 comment

atp57 Account Tracker Pro is my first paid app upgrade since I launched Account Tracker in 2009. In the last 6+ years I have released well in excess of 40 FREE app updates, each one costing me £100s if not £1000s.

In the early days this was fine, as making the app better generated good reviews and therefore more sales. However over the past few years, new app sales have been in serious decline. So much so that a single support query now wipes out most of my profit for that day. FWIW I answered perhaps 1000 questions for users last year, including those on WordPress, Twitter and by direct email.

With the launch of the Apple Watch, Apple have tied it to the iPhone app itself, and there is no way to charge for this additional functionality (despite having to spend over £300 on a test device). The same applies to 3D Touch too (£500+ for a new iPhone). Thanks Apple!

The only way to charge for these features is to release a new app. If you look around the AppStore you will see it is littered with v2 or v3 apps, where the developers are desperately trying to generate revenue.

So … should you upgrade to my Pro version? That is entirely up to you. If you want the new features, then yes you need to (or go elsewhere of course). If you don’t need them, you have a choice. Stick with what you have or consider supporting me.

As for Account Tracker itself, I am not planning to add any more new features, just critical bug fixes (if any are needed).

Account Tracker Pro on the AppStore

Migrating from Account Tracker to PRO

January 9, 2016 28 comments


There are a number of scenarios to consider, so I will start off with the easiest ….

1. Currently running Account Tracker on one device. Simply make a backup in Account Tracker and restore it in Account Tracker PRO. You can then ignore the old Account Tracker app, and eventually delete it (or use it for a separate set of accounts perhaps??). There are many ways to copy backup files between apps and devices, and these are all documented at http://grahamhaley.co.uk/accounts/backups/. Note that the PRO app doesn’t support the old WiFi option, and Account Tracker doesn’t support AirDrop. The best way to copy backup files is by email or via Dropbox.

2. Running Account Tracker on multiple devices but not using the syncing options. You will be used to sharing backups then. Simply restore your latest backup in Account Tracker Pro and start using it instead of Account Tracker.

3. Syncing over iCloud (Personal Sync). On your SECONDARY device, you can simply add Account Tracker PRO as a new SECONDARY, and it will get all your latest data. You can then disable syncing in Account Tracker on that device. Your PRIMARY is more complicated. You really need to disable syncing, follow option 1 to migrate your data to Account Tracker PRO, and then set syncing up again.

4. Syncing over Dropbox (Family Sync). This is the same as option 3, but instead uses Dropbox behind the scenes. To share between separate apps, you need to be using the Root folder, not the Apps folder (a Dropbox restriction). This is set when you first enable Dropbox in my app. Alternatively you need to manually copy the files from your “Apps/Account Tracker” folder to your “Apps/Account Tracker Pro” folder. This needs to be done using the Dropbox app.