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Hill Lists 4.2.1 now available

August 20, 2014 Leave a comment


Fixed the links to the MWIS (weather) site. Apologies for the long outage – I had hoped they would restore their mobile pages, but it doesn’t look like this will be happening any time soon (if ever). I now show their PDF weather reports instead (see below).

iOS 8 fixes. Note that in beta 5, Apple introduced a bug where PDF files aren’t displayed properly. This should be fixed in subsequent betas.

Other minor improvements.

Account Tracker 4.3 submitted to Apple

August 16, 2014 Leave a comment

aticon57 Added Family Sync as an in-app purchase, i.e. device to device database syncing over Dropbox, for multiple separate users (PAID version only).

Improved the way splits are exported in a CSV file, specifically the total row is no longer included to make it easier to analyse (PAID version only).

When adding new transaction, the date will default to the same as the last transaction entered if that was within the last hour. If not, it will default to today (as previously).

Also when adding a new transaction, the account will default to the same as the last spending transaction entered if you have added transactions in the last hour. If not, it will default to the first account in your list. Unless of course you are viewing a specific account, in which case that will be used instead. Phew!

Added a workflow improvement when adding a new transaction, specifically it will take you straight to the amount screen after the category. So +, tap Details, enter first character, choose details, choose category, enter amount, save amount, save transaction, i.e. only 7 taps plus the amount to fully enter and categorise a new transaction.

Added support for the new Zambian currency (ZMW).

Fixed the iOS 5 and iOS 6 layout issue with the category button.

Finally some new icons to make the iOS apps look more like my Mac app(s). I hope you like them!

Account Tracker Family Sync

August 3, 2014 10 comments

aticon57 I introduced database syncing to Account Tracker back in December 2012, and apart from the occasional issue with iCloud itself, it has been working flawlessly for many 1000s of users.

The one main drawback, however, is that iCloud only supports sharing between devices for a single iTunes account (an Apple limitation). This means it doesn’t work if two separate people want to share and sync their data.

Roll on 2014 (albeit August!) and I now have database syncing working over Dropbox. Multiple separate users could therefore use a shared Dropbox account to sync their data.

I will be testing this for a bit myself before releasing it, but you can expect it in a few weeks time.

Note that this will be a separate in-app purchase.

Account Tracker Free updated

July 2, 2014 8 comments

aticon57 I have just updated my free version to 4.2, to bring it into line with the paid version of Account Tracker (in case you hadn’t noticed, I removed the free version from the AppStore about 2 months ago).

Making money off the AppStore is becoming more and more difficult, so I am experimenting with a new model of revenue generation. I have removed the 25 transaction restriction, so people can continue to use it as a full blown personal finance app indefinitely. What is not included though are the following additional features …

- PIN code security
– Export your transactions in CSV format
– Export (and print) your reports in PDF format
– Limited support for stock valuations (see my support website for details)
– Backup and restore your data, giving you far more control over the basic (and sometimes unreliable) iTunes backups
– Share your backup files between devices, including my Mac viewer
– Database syncing (requires an additional in-app purchase)

I am hoping that more people will try my app, and will ultimately buy the full version to get these additional features (and more). We will see how it goes!

ATB Viewer for Mac 1.2 now available

June 10, 2014 3 comments

atbvicon64 Fixed a bug that might cause the app to crash on startup, especially if not using iCloud.

Added the total balance(s) to the window title. Also quicker access to the four balance types from the View menu.

Saves (and restores) the width of the two window panes between runs.

View account settings by right clicking on the selected account.

Change to the yellow budget warning to keep the app inline with iOS.

New marketing images for iTunes

June 3, 2014 2 comments

I hope you like my new marketing images for iTunes (see below for an example). These were all done by my son who is studying Digital Interactive Design at Dundee University. If anyone needs any graphic design work doing, please get in touch! :-)


Account Tracker 4.2 now available

June 3, 2014 2 comments

aticon57 Changed the budgets such that the yellow warning ignores future transactions. The bar and amounts will still show all transactions in the selected period.

On the balance report, you can now touch and drag across the graph to show the end of day balance for each day.

Added support for using the Apps folder on Dropbox. To change, simply unlink and re-authorise the app to Dropbox. Note that you will need to copy any files yourself, either from the app or by using a computer.

Added an advanced setting to set the default week start day on the calendar.

Added an advanced setting to set the default timezone you want the app to work in. You should only need to change this if you happen to be travelling when you update the app.

You can now remove/archive transactions from the oldest year used in the app. Your current balances are maintained, but all transactions from the selected year will be permanently deleted. This feature can be accessed by tapping Reset on the Advanced settings screen. You might have to disable syncing first.

Minor layout improvements and bug fixes.