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Account Tracker 3.0 now available

March 19, 2011

Added support for Dropbox, letting you use this popular cloud-based storage solution for managing your backups (free account required, see dropbox.com). Once enabled in the settings, backups made locally and automatically copied to Dropbox. Backups on Dropbox that aren’t on your device will be shown in grey, to let you select and download them. This makes it extremely easy to move your settings and data between devices.

Added support for landscape mode on the iPad. Also improved the layout of some screens to take advantage of the extra space.

Added buttons to the bottom of the four main screens (all accounts, individual accounts, budgets and reports) to make it more obvious that selecting this text actually does something. On the main accounts screen, it changes the view of your totals and balances, on the individual account screen it scrolls to today, and on the budget and report screens it lets you change the period you are viewing.

Changed the date entry screens to present a calendar view instead of the scroll wheels.

Changed the pie charts to show percentages of positive values only (previously any negative values would result in a grey pie chart).

Changed the auto-backups feature to be a popup reminder, rather than doing the actual backups for you. I have done this to allow backups to be copied to Dropbox, but also to make you aware that you still need to export backups files from your device.

Made the Quick Restart option in the security settings configurable, rather than it being fixed at 3 minutes. You can now set this to be from 1-15 minutes (or off).

More performance improvements.