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Meter Readings 2.9 now available

May 6, 2011

Added Dropbox support to the backup and restore feature, to make it even easier to share your data between devices (e.g. your iPhone and iPad). Also moved the Backups functionality to the Settings screen.

By popular request, added a reminder feature in the settings, where you can set up a daily, weekly or monthly reminder to take your readings. This only works on devices running iOS 4.0 or above as it relies on Apple’s local notification service.

Added a quick 2-3 minute getting started tour for new users. I would recommend everyone going through this in case you aren’t aware of some of the features.

Big improvements to the graphs, not only to add a bit of colour, but also to let you find out the values at each of the points. All you need to do is touch and hold the graph, then drag left or right.

On non-iPad devices, you now need to double tap the graph to switch between usage and costs.

Moved the meter and rate settings to the Meters screen.

Added support for meters with up to 8 digits.