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Meter Readings reviews

January 3, 2012

There have been three poor reviews on iTunes in the last week, almost all of which are because the reviewers haven’t understood something and they didn’t reach out for help. As a developer this is really frustrating – reviews are completely anonymous so I have no way of responding or helping in any way. The chances of these people reading this post is virtually nil, however in the spirit of helping others …

Sameer9679 – you don’t have to pay for each and every backup, you pay ONCE for the feature and you can backup and restore as often as you want. Almost certainly you have read Apple’s wording as part of the in-app purchase which says something like “Would you like to buy one Backup and Restore”. As a developer I would love to change this wording, but I can’t since its fixed by Apple. It actually means “Would you like to buy one Backup and Restore FEATURE which lets you make as many backups and restores as you want”. I do try to explain this on the previous screen.

Capt Bean – I have no idea what you mean by placeholders (they aren’t needed), and the app most certainly DOES save readings. However you do have to press Save first!! It is really trivial to add readings – simply tap +, set your reading and tap Save. You will then be prompted to move to the next meter, otherwise tap Done. I’m not sure how it is possible to make it any easier!

matcha111 – adding rates is covered on the 2nd screen on the Getting Started tour. It is also right at the top of the user guide (under Meters and Rates). Just tap on the Meters button then use the BLUE buttons next to each meter. The text on the Meters screen even explains this (right in the middle).

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