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Changes to Dropbox support

August 18, 2012


I have just been informed that Dropbox will be deprecating the APIs I am using on 1st December. Nothing serious, they just want people to move to their latest code. I guess I should have moved a while back, but why changing something that isn’t broken? 🙂

Fortunately the changes are fairly minor, and the only one you will notice is the way you link my apps to Dropbox itself.

I am now in the process of making these changes, the first of which I have now done and submitted to Apple for approval (my Man 3 app, version 1.2). My other apps will follow soon …

UPDATE 1: it seems their new API has a couple of bugs, and I am working with one of their engineers to get them fixed. Basically using it causes a crash on older devices that they claim to support.

UPDATE 2: iOS version 3.1.3 is no longer supported by Dropbox. Version 4.0 will be the minimum I can support moving forwards. I suspect this won’t really be an issue, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple drop support for iOS 3 next month.