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Happy Birthday Account Tracker!

September 13, 2012

Account Tracker was launched exactly 3 years ago, on 13th September 2009!

It has certainly come along way, with around 30 feature updates and a smaller number of bug fix updates. And it continues to evolve, with things like iCloud, syncing, new Dropbox APIs, iOS 6 coming soon, and of course the new screen resolutions of the iPhone 5 and the latest iPod to deal with.

In the near future it will appear on Windows Phone (with a LARGE amount of help from external companies), and if I can ever find the time, a Mac version. Sadly I don’t have the resources to do a port to Android, even though this is a very popular request.

As well using the app myself (almost daily), I find it immensely rewarding getting emails from happy customers. Some have turned their lives around completely by getting on top of their finances!

If you haven’t tried it yet, give the free trial version a try. Or simply buy it here. 🙂