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Top search terms

November 22, 2012

My website can track the top search terms that are used to reach it (271,432 hits and counting!!).

Other than the obvious top searches such as “account tracker”, “graham haley”, “account tracker app”, “graham haley account tracker” and “account tracker ipad/iphone”, here are the top five questions I can respond to (all related to Account Tracker) …

1. account tracker for mac – I have not managed to do anything on this since the summer, however I hope to get back to it soon.

2. account tracker for pc – now that I have a Windows Phone version, it is possible that I might fund a Windows 8 version that will ultimately sync with the phone version. We’ll see …

3. account tracker sync – this is my top feature request (by far), and while you can currently copy data between devices with the backups feature (see https://grahamhaley.co.uk/accounts/backups/), an auto-sync solution is coming very soon!!

4. account tracker android – despite being regularly contacted by Samsung and more recently Amazon about porting my apps to Android, it would need a huge investment of time and money, and without help I simply can’t do it – sorry!

5. account tracker import csv – this is relatively easy to do as long as you get your data into the right format. Again see https://grahamhaley.co.uk/accounts/backups/ for full details.