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Balance graph

February 9, 2013

Currently the balance graph in the reports shows END OF DAY balances for the period you select, one point on the graph per day. The maximum and minimum values again are end of day balances.

However on the account screen itself, where there can be many transactions that fall on a given day, the running balances I show are based on the day order you have configured in the advanced settings.

It is entirely possible (likely even) that the intra-day balances could fall outside the minimum-maximum range shown on the balance graph, as was noticed by one unhappy user (who has since defected to another app).

It is easy enough to calculate the intra-day balances, however I’m not sure how I would go about making the graph match the intra-day min/max. For example a given day could be both the min and the max balance!

Perhaps I could show the intra-day min and max, but leave the graph showing end of day balances.

Is this worth changing I wonder?

UPDATE: I would prefer not to change the graph itself, as this shows a single point per day, which is the end of day balance. The only view in the app where you actually see intra-day balances is the single account screen, so perhaps what I could do is display the intra-day min and max balance for single account reports only, all others would display the end-of-day min and max. This is actually trivial to change.