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Account Tracker 4.4 now available

October 19, 2014

aticon57 atficon57 Added support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (at full native resolution).

Added a new advanced setting for the default date when adding a new transaction (last date). I had previously changed the app to use the date of the last transaction entered, however on reflection a setting for this would be better. It now defaults to today (PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE), however if you prefer the new (old!) way, you can set it to use the date of the last transaction entered instead.

Added a couple of new warnings when editing the transaction type and/or accounts on an existing recurring series. These values CANNOT be changed per-occurrence.

Added a new warning about why the transfer amounts might all be zero.

Minor changes to the settings screen.

Minor improvements to the alert (notification) messages.