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Account Tracker 4.5.1 now available

December 9, 2014

aticon57 atficon57 These ongoing (FREE) updates can only continue with YOUR support. Please help by leaving a review on iTunes (since previous reviews are removed with each update), and by telling others about #AccountTracker on social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). Alternatively you can always make a donation on my website. 🙂

Added a small but powerful new feature that you might like (a lot). Please read the User Guide for details of this any many other features. Hint: advanced settings …

Added support for importing transfer transactions using two separate rows in a CSV file (one for each account). See my support pages for more details.

When stepping forward beyond 24 months, a right tap will advance to the end of current year and then forwards a year at a time.

Fixed a difficult to reproduce bug that might have caused transactions to be duplicated when using Family Sync. Apologies if you saw this issue.

If you are using iCloud for syncing, note that Apple fixed a lot of issues in iOS 8.1.1. Please update if you have yet to do so.

Other minor improvements.