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Windows Phone support deprecated

June 23, 2015

mrwpicon57 After more than 2.5 years at the top of the personal finance section of the Windows Phone Marketplace, I have decided to remove my two (Windows Phone) apps from sale. This won’t affect existing users, and nothing in the existing apps will stop working as a result.

It was an interesting experiment, mainly paid for by others (thankfully). However the market just isn’t big enough to support any form of continuous app development or maintenance (IMHO).

When I removed them, Account Tracker was THE top paid personal finance app in the UK (as it has been for most of those 2.5 years), yet actual sales were less than 1 per day. Meter Readings was in the top 10-15, with sales of around 1-2 per month. Anyone considering Windows Phone as a platform should think very carefully about these figures.

Many thanks to everyone who bought these apps. If you ever want to move to iOS as a platform, you will find that my iPhone and iPad versions have more features than on Windows Phone, they are regularly updated and are far better supported.