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Account Tracker versions, backups and syncing

August 9, 2016

help When exchanging backups and syncing data between devices, I have to be very careful not to cause database corruption issues.

Backups are fairly straightforward, as I follow one simple rule: a given version of my app will only read backup files that are from the same version or earlier. Newer backups can’t ever be installed.

Syncing becomes more complicated, as it is 2-way. You could be exchanging individual bits of data between any devices running any version of my app (going back years!).

Up until recently, I have tried to keep the underlying database format the same such that it isn’t a problem. However with my next update I want to make a couple of changes (for the better). I am therefore introducing a restriction where syncing will only work between devices running the same version of Account Tracker.

A newer app will give a warning if it detects other devices running older app versions, and syncing will not work until you update all of your devices. This is common sense really, I will just be enforcing it in my next update (v5.2).

Note that older versions will continue to sync, but the results might not be what you (or I) expect. If you ask for help here, my first question will be to check you are running the same app version everywhere.

I hope this makes sense!