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Account Tracker for Mac update #10

October 16, 2016

A little more progress in the last month or so, however a lot of frustration around iCloud on macOS. Read on for details …

In my last update, I had my Mac app syncing from a PRIMARY device on iOS, i.e. registering for and receiving the initial sync. I have since got it receiving subsequent changes (from any iOS device), as well as pushing changes made itself through iCloud to all iOS devices.

I currently only support reconciling, however I will slowly enable other editing features over time. As I said previously this is “just” UI work and the underlying sync is working in both directions.

I do seem to have a major problem with iCloud though. It seems the Mac doesn’t receive changes from other devices automatically at all. However I can force them to appear simply by writing to iCloud once (e.g. creating a new file). This seems to kick macOS into action and allows my app to function as expected. I have wasted most of this weekend trying to figure this out, but I will keep looking for a more elegant solution. Very frustrating!

Which brings me on to my plans moving forwards …

Writing a fully functional, stand-alone Mac app is just too much work (for me), and this is partly why progress has been so slow. I have therefore decided to only support the Mac as a companion app to iOS, meaning you need to be using iOS as your PRIMARY device and the Mac itself will only support a limited set of editing functionality. More complex editing will have to be done on iOS.

Initially I will release an iCloud only version, but will also try to support Dropbox too (later).

Again, further updates will be posted as I make progress.