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Account Tracker for Mac update #13

January 14, 2017

atmac-64x64 Since my last update I have continued working on a few missing features.

Foreign transactions (including rate lookups) and almost all recurring transaction types are now supported, meaning that for day-to-day use, the only feature that will not work (initially) is splits. You will be able to create these on iOS and view them on the Mac, just not create or edit them.

I will be wrapping up development by the end of January (i.e. in 2-3 weeks), and will then start preparing the app for submission to Apple. Adding on the approvals process for a new app, and allowing for a few issues, I would expect to be able to release by the end of February.

I will then be adding Dropbox syncing support as soon as I can manage it, and of course implementing splits.