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Account Tracker Pro – iCloud Drive beta testing

October 23, 2020

Now that dark mode is fully supported, I am taking another look at syncing over iCloud. As many of you know, this has been problematic over the years. The issues are most definitely iCloud and not my app, as I have seen files written by my app taking hours to be copied to other devices. This is Apple’s responsibility and there is little I can do to speed things up. Another data point is my exact same code works perfectly when using Dropbox as a cloud service provider (where I control the copying).

A few years ago Apple introduced iCloud Drive. This is really a service on top of iCloud where they make files and folders more visible.  I have added an option to use iCloud Drive instead of the underlying iCloud (Documents and Data), and it looks like this is working well (and much faster too).

I am now looking for beta testers to give it a try. Ideally users who want to sync between multiple iOS devices (but not the Mac). Beta testing is fully supported by Apple using their Test Flight app.

If interested, please send me an email.