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Account Tracker v5 – end of support

December 21, 2020

aticon57 Further to my monthly notifications in the app itself (and on the AppStore), I will no longer be supporting the old (basic) version of Account Tracker beyond 31st December 2020.

Specifically this applies to all versions up to and including v5.9.7.

Users can still take advantage of a discounted upgrade price using the upgrade bundle, at least until the end of 2020. In January 2021 I will remove the old version (and therefore the upgrade bundle) from the AppStore. UPDATE (25th January): now removed.

Also since I now fully support iCloud Drive in Account Tracker Pro (v6.4 onwards), I no longer support the old legacy version of iCloud (called Documents in the Cloud). If it is working fine for you, PLEASE don’t change anything, however if you are setting up syncing from scratch, use iCloud Drive instead. This is configured in my app itself by first disabling syncing (if enabled), then disabling and re-enabling iCloud.

I have plenty of updates planned for Account Tracker Pro in 2021, COVID and Brexit permitting!

Happy Christmas!