Photo 27-06-2017, 14 16 12 The backups feature is a more reliable way of protecting your data than using iTunes itself. Should the worst happen, it is very easy to import and restore (a backup).

To make a new (manual) backup, go to the backups screen, select Backup Now and an entry will be added to the list of files displayed. Backups are shown in reverse date order (most recent first), and the date and time they were made is included in their names …


To delete a backup, swipe across it from right to left and select Delete.

Exporting Backups

A backup on a single device won’t protect you fully, e.g. you might lose it or need to restore factory settings (e.g. if there is a hardware fault).

To export a backup directly to a nearby (second) device using AirDrop, select it and choose Export by AirDrop. Pick a device and the file will be copied, prompting you to open Hill Lists to import it.

To export a backup by email, select it and choose Export by Email.

On the settings screen, you can choose to have new manual backups copied to either Dropbox or iCloud. Any backups shown in red are likely not on Dropbox/iCloud. To manually copy a backup, select it and choose the Copy option.

The easiest way of exporting is to use automatic backups (on the settings screen). Your ascents and tracked lists are monitored and if there are changes, a new backup is made and copied to iCloud when you close the app. Note that the automatic backups feature also periodically removes older backups, keeping the 3 most recent only.

Importing/Restoring Backups

If the file is already there in the app, go to the backups screen, select it and choose Restore Backup.

If it is on another device, use the Export by Airdrop option (on the other device).

If it is in an email, choose the attachment and open it in Hill Lists.

If it is on Dropbox or iCloud, choose the same backup setting (i.e. Dropbox or iCloud), go to the backups screen and the file will be visible. iCloud can be slow to copy things in the background so you might have to tap the refresh button at the top left (give it a few minutes if it is a new backup). Once there, select the backup to restore it.