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Account Tracker 2.1 now available

May 13, 2010

Account Tracker icon Added support for annual budgets, i.e. a view of spending, income and transfers a year at a time. When on the current month, select the date at the bottom and the display will change to an annual view (January to December) rather than per month. The app will remember which you last used.

Minor UI changes to the Account and Transaction screens. On the Account screen, a lot of common actions are now available by selecting the blue buttons. You can copy/clone any transaction to today’s date, move a transaction to tomorrow (if it hasn’t happened yet) or move a transaction to any other date. To edit the other fields in a transaction, select the row itself, not the blue button.

Also added a quicker way to delete transactions. Again on the Account screen, simply swipe a transaction from left to right (or vice versa), then select the red Delete button. For recurring transactions, you get the option to either delete the entire series or just the selected occurrence.

The Transaction screen now lets you edit the account itself (credits and debits only, transfers already support this).

Minor bug fixes.