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Account Tracker 2.3.1 now available

August 26, 2010

Added a help button (and help page) to the main Accounts screen.

Made the most recent transaction more obvious on the individual account screens (highlighted in blue).

Improved the handling of the unlock screen when returning from background mode. Previously you might have seen the last screen you were viewing briefly before the unlock screen appears.

When entering the details and category fields, made the search an exact match, i.e. the character positions are important too. This makes it a bit quicker to home in on the one you want. In addition I have (hopefully) improved the way existing categories can be picked when setting the details field.

Relaxed the restriction about editing the pattern and start date of a recurring transaction. Instead, if you try to edit such a transaction that started in the past, you will simply get a warning message but can continue at your own risk!

Fixed a couple of bugs to do with exporting settings from the free to the full version on iOS 4 devices that support background tasks.

Added a default email address to the settings. This is only ever used to pre-populate the emails used to export backups or account statements, however it does speed things up.

Other minor UI improvements and bug fixes.