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Hill Lists 2.1 now available

October 19, 2010

Added the ability to import your own list of hills ticked as a CSV file. To get the file onto your device you will need my backup and restore feature (for which there is a very small one-off charge). You will also need to use the hill numbers as defined by the Database of British Hills as this is really the only way to uniquely identify them. For file formats … etc, please see my support pages (specifically here).

Added the New Donalds list, which is not specifically called out in the Database of British Hills. The New Donalds are a subset of the Donalds and Donald Tops.

Added a map link to the list view (and moved the Quick Edit button to the lower right of the screen).

Added “section” counts to the list view (enclosed in square brackets). I personally find this really useful.

The app now remembers how you last sorted and filtered your lists (e.g. climbed or unclimbed), and what your map preference is (classic, satellite or hybrid).

In the hill view, it now shows which lists the hill is in.

Moved setting your default location to the Location screen itself.

Added a default email address to the settings, to make exporting quicker.

Other minor UI improvements and the odd bug fix.

Finally I have managed to get approval to use the Irish hill list data from http://mountainviews.ie so watch out for this in my next update!

NOTE – if you have my backup feature, please take a backup and export it from your device before updating.