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Account Tracker 3.6 now available

February 10, 2012

By popular request, added support for subcategories. The app works just as it did in previous releases, with the same category entry per transaction or per split. However you can now enter both a category and a subcategory separated by a colon (:), e.g. “House: Utilities”. Everything up to the colon is treated as the category, and the full text is treated as a subcategory. The pie charts in the reports work at the rolled up category level, but the List view will show both per-category and per-subcategory figures. For budgets, you can enter these at the category level or the subcategory level (or in fact both).

A number of improvements to the CSV import feature: it now detects if you have left a header row in place, and tries to continue from row 2. It copes with negative numbers being in (). It ignores blank columns to the right of your data, and blank rows throughout the file. Also if you leave the category field empty, it will try to autofill this based on your existing transactions. This only works if you have used a single category for each unique “details” field.

You can now have separate cheque numbers for each occurrence of a recurring transaction.

Fixed a bug introduced in my last update that prevented moving accounts beyond the last account (and therefore into a new group).

Fixed a bug where for some regions (e.g. Belgium) the CSV exports included currency symbols – this was not intentional.